by Stein, David Ezra (Author), Stein, David Ezra (Author)

ISBN: 9781524737863

This sweet companion to David Ezra Stein's award-winning Leaves celebrates the joy of savoring something you love. Bear is ravenous when he wakes up from his winter sleep and has one thing on his mind: honey! Alas, it is too soon for honey, so Bear tries hard to be patient. The world around him is waking up, too, and he soon remembers all the other things he loves, like warm grass, berries, and rain. He's almost content, until, one day, he hears a welcome buzzing sound . . . and finally it is time for Bear to delight in the thing he relishes above all others--and it is as warm, golden, sweet, and good as he remembered.

Age Range: From 2 to 5

Format: Hardcover, 32 pages

Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books, March 2018

Product Dimensions: 9.5 L × 8.3 W × 0 H

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