The Key of Skeleton Peak: Legends of the Lost Causes

by McLelland, Brad (Author), Sylvester, Louis (Author)

ISBN: 9781250124364

Keech Blackwood and his fellow Lost Causes have won their share of battles, but the war against the ruthless sorcerer Reverend Rose still rages on.

This time, the Lost Causes face their most perilous trial yet: stopping Rose and his henchmen from retrieving an ancient, powerful artifact that would help return him to his full, frightening strength. As the vigilante orphans race to the dangerous depths of Skeleton Peak, the site of the artifact, they'll have to outmaneuver Rose's most faithful-and menacing-ally: an inhuman creature spawned by darkness and shadow. But ever in pursuit of justice and vengeance for their fallen families, the Lost Causes won't give up without a fight. Aladdin - Available Now

Age Range: From 10 to 14

Format: Hardcover, 464 pages

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), March 2020

Product Dimensions: 8.6 L × 6 W × 1.5 H

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