Bernice Gets Carried Away

by Harrison, Hannah E (Author)

ISBN: 9780803739161

Having missed out on the other treats at a friend's birthday party, a grumpy cat grabs all of the balloons and floats into the sky, where she sees that her problems are not so big, after all.

Age Range: From 3 to 5

Format: Hardcover, 32 pages

Publisher: Dial Books, July 2015

Product Dimensions: 10.8 L × 8.8 W × 0.4 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: Perfect for a new generation ofAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dayreaders, this charming story about a grumpy cat gently shows how far a little sharing can go.

Bernice is having atrulyrotten time at her friend's birthday party. First, everyone else gets a piece of cake with a frosting rose. But not Bernice. Then, everyone else gets strawberry-melon soda. Bernice gets the prune-grapefruit juice. And it's warm. The last straw is the one lousy (squished) candy she gets from the pinata. So when the balloons arrive, Bernice knows just what she has to do: grab themall. And then, poor cross Bernice gets carried up, up, and away. Luckily, she figures out just how to make her way back down to the party...and she brightens lots of other animals' days on her way.

Hannah Harrison s gorgeous animal paintings come alive in her second picture book. Her exceptionally polished debut, Extraordinary Jane, received starred reviews from Kirkus, Publisher s Weekly, and School Library Journal.

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