The Society of Distinguished Lemmings

by Colombet, Julie (Author), Colombet, Julie (Author)

ISBN: 9781682631560

In a society of lemmings, can a bear ever belong? The Society of Distinguished Lemmings aims to be distinguished in abosultely everything. It takes an awful lot of rules to be so distinguished, including: no rolling around, no climbing about, and certainly no splashing in the mud! But Bertie has had quite enough of the society and all its rules. After venturing outside, Bertie discovers a bear, who is very unlike a lemming. With the bear's help, Bertie learns that prancing about in the wild is quite a lot of fun! But when the other lemmings find out about the bear, they decide everything about him will have to change if he's ever to fit in. Will the Society ever accept Bertie's new friend, or is the bear simply too big and clumsy of a creature to be distinguished? This hilarious tale features valuable themes of finding new friends, challenging peers, and questioning the rules. Readers will return to the story again and again to discover the quirks of every distinguished lemming while also learning about the importance of staying true to yourself amidst pressure to conform. Sourcebooks Review Copies

Age Range: From 6 to 10

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages

Publisher: Peachtree Publishing Company, March 2020

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