World So Wide

by McGhee, Alison (Author), Alizadeh, Kate (Author)

ISBN: 9781542006330

A celebration of a child's wonder-filled first experiences, and the love between parents and child, from a Pulitzer Prizeľnominated, New York Times bestselling author and a talented illustrator.

Somewhere in the world the world so far the world so wide someone is the youngest person alive.

What will be the first sights they see? Sun and moon and sky... the love in someone's eye?

From the magic of a baby's first sights and sounds to a wish for a far-off day, evocative text and gorgeous illustrations are imbued with the tenderness felt between parents and child. A perfect gift for new mothers and fathers and anyone who cherishes those unforgettable moments-or dreams of a time when their children will see their own little ones smile at them for the first time. Amazon Publishing - Children & Young Adult Spring 2020 (Aug-Dec) Titles

Format: Hardcover, 32 pages

Publisher: Two Lions, March 2020

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