Mama, Do You Love Me?

by Joosse, Barbara M (Author), Lavallee, Barbara (Illustrator)

ISBN: 9780877017592

Charming, vibrant watercolor illustrations expand the simple rhythmic text, adding to the characters' personalities and to the cultural information. Ceremonial masks appear in the corner of several pages and on the endpapers, a nice detail in a well-designed book.--School Library Journal, starred review.

Age Range: From 2 to 5

Format: Hardcover, 24 pages

Publisher: Chronicle Books (CA), June 1991

Product Dimensions: 9.9 L × 8.95 W × 0.57 H

Publisher Marketing: Mama, do you love me? Yes I do Dear One. How much? In this universal story, a child tests the limits of independence and comfortingly learns that a parent's love is unconditional and everlasting. The story is made all the more captivating by its unusual Arctic setting. The lyrical text introduces young readers to a distinctively different culture, while at the same time showing that the special love that exists between parent and child transcends all boundaries of time and place. The story is beautifully complemented by graphically stunning illustrations that are filled with such exciting animals as whales, wolves, puffins, and sled dogs, and a carefully researched glossary provides additional information on Arctic life. This tender and reassuring book is one that both parents and children will turn to again and again.

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