by Symes, Sally (Author), Sharratt, Nick (Illustrator)

ISBN: 9780763657253

After Sean gives a yawn, it gets passed along to a series of animals, each revealed by a page turn, until Nellie the elephant decides it is time for bed.

Age Range: From 3 to 7

Format: Board Books, 24 pages

Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA), December 2011

Product Dimensions: 7.32 L × 6.69 W × 0.51 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: Bold graphic artwork and enticing die-cuts make for a bedtime read-aloud as infectious and irresistible as a . . . well, you know!

Sean gave a YAWN While sitting on his mat. Guess who he gave it to? A scruffy, fluffy . . .

You'll need to turn the page to find out who is next to be overcome with a yawn in this fun and ingenious board book, although the rhyming text will offer some clues! One creature is purring, another pecking, one drifting around its bowl, another resting from a dig in the dirt. And there are others, too--all of whom can't wait to put on their pajamas and head off to bed!

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