Megabat and Fancy Cat

by Humphrey, Anna (Author), Reich, Kass (Author)

ISBN: 9780735262591

Megabat returns, this time with a new nemesis: a very fancy cat. Can our tiny bat hero stop his Daniel's heart from being stolen by this nefarious, fluffy villain?

Megabat was looking forward to Christmas morning: presents, playing toys, smooshfruit and watching Star Wars. But then Daniel opened his last, most special present.

Daniel thinks this might be the best Christmas present yet: a beautiful cat named Priscilla! He's always wanted a pet.

Megabat is not sure he likes this cat. She tastes most hairy.

Daniel loves his new cat! She's fun to play with, and she's so soft and fluffy.

Megabat is not soft OR fluffy. He's not purebred and he doesn't have a big, beautiful swishy tail. What if Daniel loves Priscilla more than Megabat? This is truly a disturbance in the Force. Megabat and Birdgirl must find a way to get rid of this trubble cat once and for all!

Calamity ensues as Megabat and Birdgirl try to come up with ways to get rid of Priscilla. But is there more than meets the eye with this furry menace? Kass Reich's adorable illustrations paired with Anna Humphrey's hilarious text make for another unforgettable Megabat adventure.

Series Overview: MEGABAT: a series of chapter books about an adorable bat and his new best friend Daniel.

Book 1: Summer 2018 Book 2: Spring 2019 Book 3: Spring 2020

Age Range: From 7 to 10

Format: Hardcover, 176 pages

Publisher: Tundra Books, April 2019

Product Dimensions: 7.3 L × 5.5 W × 0 H

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