My Colors/ MIS Colores (1ST ed.)

by Emberley, Rebecca (Author), Emberley, Rebecca (Illustrator)

ISBN: 9780316233477

This brightly colored English/Spanish board book reflects the multicultural world in which we live. Using the cut-paper technique for which she has been applauded, Emberley has fashioned an appealing, bilingual book about colors. (Baby/Preschool)

Age Range: From 2 to 4

Format: Board Books, 10 pages

Publisher: LB Kids, September 2000

Product Dimensions: 6 L × 6 W × 0.62 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: The vibrant colors and large text in this enchanting collection of bilingual board books make learning easy and fun. Boldly colored construction paper cutouts on stark white backgrounds introduce the basic concepts of colors, numbers, shapes, and opposites in a way that will engage little ones again and again. Text copyright 2004 Lectorum Publications, Inc.

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