My First Root Children

by Von Olfers, Sibylle (Author)

ISBN: 9780863158599

Age Range: From 2 to 4

Format: Board Books, 10 pages

Publisher: Floris Books, March 2012

Product Dimensions: 7.74 L × 6.31 W × 0.32 H

Publisher Marketing: Publishers Weekly: Based on German author/illustrator von Olfer's The Story of the Root Children, published in 1906, this board book follows a group of mop-haired root children, who live underground with Mother Nature, as they get ready for spring, then venture aboveground to frolic until winter returns. The details of the children's subterranean life (they paint ladybugs and brush bumblebees to prepare them for spring) and the delicate art nouveau details of von Olfers's artwork should entice kids and parents with their old-fashioned charms.

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