My First Baby Signs

by Conigliaro, Phil (Author), Yu, Tae Won (Author)

ISBN: 9780761189480

At six months or so baby knows what she wants, but just can’t say it yet. Until now. Simple sign language is a proven bridge between baby talk and first English, and here’s the clearest way to learn it. With pull tabs that demonstrate exactly how to make each sign, My First Baby Signs teaches parents and babies eight essential words: “all done,” “milk,” “eat,” “more,” “thank you,” “bath,” “help,” and “bed.” Just pull the tab, point to the moving sign, and say the word. Your baby will be signing in no time.

Format: Hardcover, 20 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company, February 2017

Product Dimensions: 7 L × 7 W × 0 H

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