Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

by Fox, Mem (Author), Oxenbury, Helen (Illustrator)

ISBN: 9780547366203

The beloved duo of Fox and Oxenbury present a modern nursery rhyme about the things babies everywhere have in common. Full color.

Format: Board Books, 38 pages

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, August 2010

Product Dimensions: 6.88 L × 7.78 W × 1.42 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing:There was one little baby / who was born far away. / And another who was born / on the very next day. / And both of these babies, / as everyone knows, / had ten little fingers / and ten little toes. No matter which part of the world a baby comes from born on the ice or in a tent that baby has ten little fingers / and ten little toes, the pleasing refrain of this wonderful, rhyming tribute to the chubby, sweet universality of babies of all colors. Helen Oxenbury s soft, rounded babies are captured perfectly in soft, rounded watercolors.

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