Axel the Truck: Speed Track

by Riley, J. D. (Author), Dorman, Brandon (Author)

ISBN: 9780062692795

Axel is a little red truck with big wheels and big dreams. In this easy-to-comprehend story that is just right for beginning readers, Axel and his dog, Rex, go to the racetrack, where they race against trucks that are bigger, better, and faster than Axel. Does Axel win? You bet he does!

With a focus on vehicles and transportation, bright artwork, and simple, declarative sentences, this is a great, action-filled choice for newly independent readers. The playful illustrations will delight both parent and child!

Age Range: From 4 to 8

Format: Hardcover, 24 pages

Publisher: Greenwillow Books, October 2018

Product Dimensions: 9 L × 6 W × 0 H

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