The Brave Cyclist: The True Story of Holocaust Hero

by Hoffman, Amalia (Author), Fedele, Chiara (Author)

ISBN: 9781684460632

Once a skinny and weak child, Gino Bartali rose to become a Tour de France champion and one of cycling's greatest stars. But all that seemed unimportant when his country came under the grip of a brutal dictator and entered World War II on the side of Nazi Germany. Bartali might have appeared a mere bystander to the harassment and hatred directed toward Italy's Jewish people, but secretly he accepted a role in a dangerous plan to help them. Putting his own life at risk, Bartali used his speed and endurance on a bike to deliver documents Jewish people needed to escape harm. His inspiring story reveals how one person could make a difference against violence and prejudice during the time of the Holocaust. Holiday Catalog 2019

Age Range: From 9 to 12

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages

Publisher: Capstone Editions, August 2019

Product Dimensions: 9 L × 11 W × 0 H

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