Cast No Shadow

by Tapalansky, Nick (Author), Espinosa, Anissa (Author)

ISBN: 9781596438774

Greg has lived in Lancaster his whole life. The town's always had its quirks, and being born without a shadow means he's counted among them. When Greg discovers an old mansion in the woods just outside of town, he didn't expect to meet a smart, beautiful, funny, and...very dead teenaged girl named Eleanor. Yeah. He's in love with a ghost. And before he knows what's happening, Greg finds himself at the wrong end of a history lesson when the town's past, and his own, threaten to pull the two of them apart permanently! From acclaimed comics writer Nick Tapalansky and phenomenal newcomer artist Anissa Espinosa, Cast No Shadow is a teen romance with humor and heart.

Age Range: From 12 to 16

Format: Paperback, 224 pages

Publisher: First Second, October 2017

Product Dimensions: 8.5 L × 6.1 W × 0.7 H

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