Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake

by McLaughlin, Eoin (Author), Boutavant, Marc (Author)

ISBN: 9781536212679

Follow Bear from A to Z as he hunts for a cake thief in a hilarious alphabet book crossed with a whodunit.

There has been a terrible crime, Bear tells us. Someone has STOLEN a delicious chocolate cake! Bear sets off to find the culprit, questioning characters and compiling clues from A to Z. Among the suspects: a gingerbread man (G) with a bite out of his head, a kite (K) that may be above the law, and an octopus (O) with grabby tentacles. But - hold on - are those crumbs on Bear's page? Is that frosting on his face? Looks like our narrator is a little unreliable! And it appears our culprit might be the one that Bear wants readers to suspect the least of all.... Author Eoin McLaughlin's sly, cheeky humor takes the alphabet book to inventive new heights, while best-selling illustrator Marc Boutavant's smart and striking graphic-style art matches the irreverent tone. Young ABC learners and older fans of funny stories will laugh out loud at Bear's uproarious investigation and his anything-but-usual suspects. Macmillan Gift Books Catalog 2020-2021

Age Range: From 2 to 5

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages

Publisher: Candlewick, August 2020

Product Dimensions: 11.7 L × 10.1 W × 0.4 H

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