The Presidents: America's Remarkable Revolutionaries

by Tinari, Leah (Author), Tinari, Leah (Author)

ISBN: 9781534418578

Fine artist Leah Tinari, turns her formidable and singular talents to the presidents of the United States. Each engaging portrait-and the accompanying facts-paint a powerful and playful picture of the presidents, introduce readers to the personable side of these leaders and make them more relatable, approachable, human, and even fun! Before these forty-four men (over forty-five presidencies; Grover Cleveland served as the twenty-second and twenty-fourth president) were elected to the highest office in the land, they experienced rich and varied lives: they had childhoods and mothers and fathers and favorite foods. They were brothers and sons and had hobbies and pets.

Did you know that James Buchanan (number fifteen) had one brown eye and one green eye? Or that William Henry Harrison (number nine) was the only president who studied to be a medical doctor? Or that Teddy Roosevelt (number twenty-six) could walk on stilts and George W. Bush (number forty-three) paints portraits?

Meet the wrestlers, revolutionaries, writers, and radio stars as Tinari brings bold color to our presidents and our remarkable US story. Fall 2019 Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Catalog

Age Range: From 10 to 0

Format: Hardcover, 96 pages

Publisher: Aladdin, October 2019

Product Dimensions: 12 L × 9 W × 0 H

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