Don't Call the Wolf

by Ross, Aleksandra (Author)

ISBN: 9780062877970

When the Golden Dragon descended on the forest of Kamie?a, a horde of monsters followed in its wake.

Ren, the forest's young queen, is slowly losing her battle against them. Until she rescues Lukasz-the last survivor of a heroic regiment of dragon slayers-and they strike a deal. She will help him find his brother, who vanished into her forest...if Lukasz promises to slay the Dragon.

But promises are all too easily broken.

This gorgeously imagined stand-alone fantasy takes readers on a journey full of simmering tension, lush romance, and evocative folklore-perfect for fans of The Hazel Wood and The Wrath & the Dawn. S20FL5 S20 Children's Frontlist Promotions (Combined) 07/31/20

Age Range: From 13 to 0

Format: Hardcover, 512 pages

Publisher: HarperTeen, April 2020

Product Dimensions: 8.3 L × 5.5 W × 1.5 H

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