Rosie: Stronger than Steel

by Ward, Lindsay (Author)

ISBN: 9781542017947

A brave tractor farms for freedom in a story inspired by women who acted with courage and strength in American factories and on British farms during World War II.

This is our Rosie, stronger than steel. She'll plow all the land with a turn of her wheel.

Built by women in the United States and sent to England to dig and plow alongside female farmers during World War II, Rosie the tractor does whatever is needed to support the war effort. She works day and night to help grow crops for the troops...even when she has to hide in the fields. This is because she knows, like the women who built her and the women who farm with her, that they all must do their part.

Inspired by the group of American women collectively known as Rosie the Riveter and the British Women's Land Army, this is a story about taking action and coming together for the greater good. Amazon Publishing - Children & Young Adult Spring 2020 (Aug-Dec) Titles

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages

Publisher: Two Lions, April 2020

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