Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey

by Bertozzi, Nick (Author)

ISBN: 9781596434516

Presents, in graphic novel format, the adventures of explorer Ernest Shackleton in the Antarctic.

Age Range: From 12 to 18

Format: Paperback, 128 pages

Publisher: First Second, June 2014

Product Dimensions: 8.73 L × 6.06 W × 0.41 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER

Ernest Shackleton was one of the last great Antarctic explorers, and he led one of the most ambitious Antarctic expeditions ever undertaken. This is his story, and the story of the dozens of men who threw in their lot with him - many of whom nearly died in the unimaginably harsh conditions of the journey. It's an astonishing feat - and was unprecedented at the time - that all the men in the expedition survived.

Shackleton's expedition marked the end of a period of romantic exploration of the Arctic and the Antarctic, and this is as much a book about the encroaching modern world as it is about travel. But Nick Bertozzi has documented this remarkable journey with such wit and fiendish attention to detail that it's impossible not to get caught up in the drama of the voyage. Shackleton is a phenomenal accompaniment to Bertozzi's earlier graphic novel about great explorers, Lewis & Clark.

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