Sniffer Dogs: How Dogs (and Their Noses) Save the World

by Castaldo, Nancy (Author)

ISBN: 9780544088931

Age Range: From 10 to 12

Format: Hardcover, 154 pages

Publisher: Harcourt Brace and Company, July 2014

Product Dimensions: 8.1 L × 7.2 W × 0.7 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing:Anyone who has ever spent time with a dog knows that dogs love sniffing! They sniff out hidden food, dirty socks, and the visitor who comes to the door. But some dogs work with police officers, soldiers and even scientists to put their sniffers to work. Sniffer dogs make use of the amazing biology behind their noses to protect people from bombs, catch criminals smuggling drugs, or help researchers locate a hard to find snail in a forest.

A dog's nose is so sensitive that if a human could see as well as a dog could smell, we would be able to see the small letters on an eye chart from four (four!) miles away. Is it any wonder then that dogs can be trained to find missing people in piles of rubble or a certain flower blooming amongst hundreds or thousands of other smells?

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